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If you would see a comment that's offensive or violates one of the rules, message one of the maintainers or go to bbg_mods to report it. Just give us the link, or a screen cap with the link, where the offensive comment is. The comment will be removed and depending on the rule violated, the member responsible would either be warned or they'll be flat out banned without warning.

And while posts are moderated, I wouldn't be surprise if someone would edit it after it's been approve and put some thing on there that violates the rules. If you would see that, especially if it was made days to months ago, tell us the link of the post and we'll delete it (let that be a heads up for anyone that thinks of adding on offensive shit to the post once it's been will be deleted since maintainers cannot edit your post). Again, depending on the rule violated, the member of the offensive post would be either warned or banned without warning.

I say this because maintainers cannot always see everything, especially if someone makes a comment on a post that was made months ago. Plus, each person on management has a life offline like everyone else. So, they may not stay on top of everything. Hopefully, with six moderators and eight maintainers, that won't happen but you never know.
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