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I should've done this last year when I first created the community, but it's better late than never. Right? I've recently made a post for the BBG_Mod community about this, and I figured that I make a post for members so they can know what posts are fine and not fine on this community. That way, if a post is ever rejected, it won't come as a surprise of why it was.

The following is acceptable at BBG:
-Personal stories about your experience as a bullied victim or bully
-Articles that circulate around bullying, whether if the article is agreeable or not. If you think it will be triggering, put it behind a cut with a trigger warning
-Links that talk about bullying like this
-Discussions that involve bullying. Be forewarn that if you start a discussion, there may be people that disagree with you on your opinion. It's okay if they attack your view. It wouldn't be okay if they attacked you though for having a disagreeable view.

The following is not acceptable:
-Posts that have victim blaming in them. Victim blaming is blaming the victim for what they went through. The article that I linked as "not" agreeable above is a perfect example of victim blaming. Besides, victim blaming is prohibited here since we deal with this shit enough in society.
-Posts, links, articles, and LJ communities that have nothing to do with bullying whatsoever.
-Links that belittle and attack someone (i.e Encyclopedia Dramatica)
-Making posts back to back on the same subject (i.e why it's good to fight back vs. don't do anything). You can keep the discussion going on the original thread. We won't die if your thread reaches a hundred comments. Making posts back to back on the same subject, especially if people don't agree with your opinion, is a form of spam. It's also obnoxious because it's brow beating people to accept your view.
-Posts bitching about the community. If you have a problem with the community, message someone in management
-Complaining about members or management....again, message someone in management
-Bashing members or violates the second rule of the community. If you keep submitting post after post of bashing anyone, you will be warned to knock it off. If you don't heed warning, you'll be removed from the community.
-Advocating to be a bully against the bullies or violence to solve a problem. While a rule hasn't been made about not advocating violence (due to many of you doing it out of self-defense), this does nothing to help end bullying but repeat a vicious cycle. It's [community profile] bullying_begone. Not Bullying_becontinued

These things go against the rules, but management finds too extreme to reject a post over:
-Long posts: please put them behind a cut before you submit the post. If you forget to do so before you submit to the moderation que, you can fix it once it gets approved. Management cannot do the cuts for you (don't ask me why...have tried it myself, and wouldn't let me).
-Full names of tormentors: don't post the last name of your tormentor(s) as we don't want anyone to harrass these bullies as it might get us in trouble.

This is what I can think of for now. I'll add to the list if anything comes to mind. I will also save this in memories for future references and add it to the userinfo.
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