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welcome new members to BBG. A couple quick things to keep in mind when posting on this community:

1. Please put long posts behind a cut. If you don't know how to do a cut or what is a cut (as I'm aware some people are new to Dream Width as well as Live Journal), I've embedded a link in rule seven in the userinfo. If you have already made a post that's long, you can still edit your entry to put a cut in it.

2. When you talk about your experiences, please don't include the last name of your tormentor(s). I would hate for someone to come on here, get the names of these people, look them up, and start harassing them. Even worse, if word got out that they got the names from here, we might get in trouble for it. So, please just use the first names of your tormentor(s). Not their full name.

3. If you're apprehensive about who sees your personal experience, you can always set it to "members only". No one can see it unless they have joined the community. If you already made a post and want to change that setting, just go to "edit entry" on the entry you made and go to "show this entry to:" on the bottom page. Hit the key that's pointing down and click on "members only". If you haven't made an entry yet and you want to set it on "members only", just hit the key that's pointing downwards near the "Show this entry to:"


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