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Just a friendly reminder...
Mental and emotional abuse

When you've done all that? It is emotional and mental abuse. People who claim this as jokes are calling it jokes as a way to back peddle when someone has called them out on their behavior.
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BBG was created by me for two reasons in October of 2010 on Live Journal:
1. There were many suicides in October of 2010 from people being bullied until their breaking point because they were gay.
2. I'm a former victim of bullying myself, and I think it's time that bullying ends in our society.

You can join if you're a former victim, current victim, a former bully, a family member of someone that is bullied, a friend of someone that is bullied, or someone that's interested in the subject. You can read the rules on the info page, but one rule is absolutely vital to follow....DO NOT VICTIM BLAME. I don't want to see anyone blame anyone for being bullied at all. Bullying is a form of abuse, and it's high time it be treated like abuse. It's also time that society stop treating bullying like it's a normal part of life when it can have consequences for both bullied and bully in the long run. Not to mention, I'm sure it's not normal when someone considers suicide, homicide, both, or anything else that involves violence because they reached their breaking point of being bullied.


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