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I'm sure some of you have seen this already, but just in case....

Nils Pickert's 5-year-old son likes wearing dresses. If anyone thinks that's odd they can take it up with Nils. He's the guy in the skirt.

The German dad has become a role model not only for his son, but for parents around the world, after a photograph of the pair holding hands in red skirts spread across the internet.
"Yes, I'm one of those dads, that tries to raise their children equal," he explained in an essay published alongside the photo in Emma, a German feminist magazine.

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All I can say is that this guy is made of pure brillance. Well done :)

So, what do you all think about the article? Also, since it asked two questions in the last paragraph (which I bolded if you clicked on the cut), how do you protect a child from the cruelty of others and how can a child walk away without feeling defensive or ashamed? (I know we had a discussion similar to the first question two entries back when I did the poll, but it's good to discuss anyway)
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I had got the vid (which I will post later in the post) from a friend on Facebook. The vid lead to me getting these tips from this link. I hope some of this can help you if you're having problems with trolls or cyber bullying in general.

From here:
"What are the best ways of dealing with an Internet troll? Here are five ways we can think of; you may have more! If so, please leave a comment below. (Be aware that you may have to step over a few trolls in the process, as even talking about trolls draws them in like moths to a flame. Alas, they are resistant to fire, as you’ll remember.)

1. Ignore Them
Just as dear old Mom would say to you when you complained about bullies in school, “Just ignore them and they’ll go away.” Honestly, this is the most effective policy for dealing with pretty much any instance of trolling that goes on over the Internet, whether it’s through forums, blog comments, YouTube comments, IRC, Barrens chat… anywhere. But is it the most fun? After all, if the poor troll has gone through the trouble of setting the bait, isn’t it kind of a waste if you don’t at least bat the bait around a little? If you just don’t have time to play with the troll, though, you can just click the big “x” in the upper-right hand corner of your screen to leave the page or application that makes the bait visible at all. Then go do something more constructive. Simple!

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Here's the vid


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