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Just a friendly reminder...
Mental and emotional abuse

When you've done all that? It is emotional and mental abuse. People who claim this as jokes are calling it jokes as a way to back peddle when someone has called them out on their behavior.
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To continue with the "How to decrease your encounter with cyber bullies/trolls" series...I'm doing Facebook today. Btw, some advice that you all saw on the entry regarding Live Journal may be similar to what I'm about to say on here.

more )

That's all I can think about right now. Will add more if I think of anything else including screen caps (will add those later on since it's past 1:30 am right now).

Also, as I remarked before...
*Disclaimer: I know what I suggest may not work for everyone, or you still have problems even if you have done with what I have done. However, for those that don't know you can set certain features to certain settings, it may help you...especially if you're dealing with trolls and cyber bullies right now.
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I never really made a post giving advice on how to decrease your encounter with cyber bullies/trolls. I gave some pointers in comments in numerous posts. However, considering all that's been going on lately in the news with Amanda Todd, I figured I make a series of posts about how to limit your chances with cyber bullies/trolls. Now, I only have experience on Live Journal and Facebook. I don't have an account on places like Twitter or Tumblr. However, if you do and you've been successful at limiting trolls or cyber bullies on your account at those places by what you have set or done, I invite you to make a post related to that so I can save the post to the memories. Today, I'm doing Live Journal since we're all on here.

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Screen caps on where to go for the settings )

*Disclaimer: I know what I suggest may not work for everyone, or you still have problems even if you have done with what I have done. However, for those that don't know you can set certain features to certain settings, it may help you...especially if you're dealing with trolls and cyber bullies right now.
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I'm sure some of you have seen this already, but just in case....

Nils Pickert's 5-year-old son likes wearing dresses. If anyone thinks that's odd they can take it up with Nils. He's the guy in the skirt.

The German dad has become a role model not only for his son, but for parents around the world, after a photograph of the pair holding hands in red skirts spread across the internet.
"Yes, I'm one of those dads, that tries to raise their children equal," he explained in an essay published alongside the photo in Emma, a German feminist magazine.

More from the article )

All I can say is that this guy is made of pure brillance. Well done :)

So, what do you all think about the article? Also, since it asked two questions in the last paragraph (which I bolded if you clicked on the cut), how do you protect a child from the cruelty of others and how can a child walk away without feeling defensive or ashamed? (I know we had a discussion similar to the first question two entries back when I did the poll, but it's good to discuss anyway)
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I had got the vid (which I will post later in the post) from a friend on Facebook. The vid lead to me getting these tips from this link. I hope some of this can help you if you're having problems with trolls or cyber bullying in general.

From here:
"What are the best ways of dealing with an Internet troll? Here are five ways we can think of; you may have more! If so, please leave a comment below. (Be aware that you may have to step over a few trolls in the process, as even talking about trolls draws them in like moths to a flame. Alas, they are resistant to fire, as you’ll remember.)

1. Ignore Them
Just as dear old Mom would say to you when you complained about bullies in school, “Just ignore them and they’ll go away.” Honestly, this is the most effective policy for dealing with pretty much any instance of trolling that goes on over the Internet, whether it’s through forums, blog comments, YouTube comments, IRC, Barrens chat… anywhere. But is it the most fun? After all, if the poor troll has gone through the trouble of setting the bait, isn’t it kind of a waste if you don’t at least bat the bait around a little? If you just don’t have time to play with the troll, though, you can just click the big “x” in the upper-right hand corner of your screen to leave the page or application that makes the bait visible at all. Then go do something more constructive. Simple!

The Other Four )

Here's the vid
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If you would see a comment that's offensive or violates one of the rules, message one of the maintainers or go to bbg_mods to report it. Just give us the link, or a screen cap with the link, where the offensive comment is. The comment will be removed and depending on the rule violated, the member responsible would either be warned or they'll be flat out banned without warning.

And while posts are moderated, I wouldn't be surprise if someone would edit it after it's been approve and put some thing on there that violates the rules. If you would see that, especially if it was made days to months ago, tell us the link of the post and we'll delete it (let that be a heads up for anyone that thinks of adding on offensive shit to the post once it's been will be deleted since maintainers cannot edit your post). Again, depending on the rule violated, the member of the offensive post would be either warned or banned without warning.

I say this because maintainers cannot always see everything, especially if someone makes a comment on a post that was made months ago. Plus, each person on management has a life offline like everyone else. So, they may not stay on top of everything. Hopefully, with six moderators and eight maintainers, that won't happen but you never know.
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welcome new members to BBG. A couple quick things to keep in mind when posting on this community:

1. Please put long posts behind a cut. If you don't know how to do a cut or what is a cut (as I'm aware some people are new to Dream Width as well as Live Journal), I've embedded a link in rule seven in the userinfo. If you have already made a post that's long, you can still edit your entry to put a cut in it.

2. When you talk about your experiences, please don't include the last name of your tormentor(s). I would hate for someone to come on here, get the names of these people, look them up, and start harassing them. Even worse, if word got out that they got the names from here, we might get in trouble for it. So, please just use the first names of your tormentor(s). Not their full name.

3. If you're apprehensive about who sees your personal experience, you can always set it to "members only". No one can see it unless they have joined the community. If you already made a post and want to change that setting, just go to "edit entry" on the entry you made and go to "show this entry to:" on the bottom page. Hit the key that's pointing down and click on "members only". If you haven't made an entry yet and you want to set it on "members only", just hit the key that's pointing downwards near the "Show this entry to:"
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I should've done this last year when I first created the community, but it's better late than never. Right? I've recently made a post for the BBG_Mod community about this, and I figured that I make a post for members so they can know what posts are fine and not fine on this community. That way, if a post is ever rejected, it won't come as a surprise of why it was.

What's acceptable )

What's not acceptable )

Things that go against the rules, but management finds too extreme to reject a post over )

This is what I can think of for now. I'll add to the list if anything comes to mind. I will also save this in memories for future references and add it to the userinfo.
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BBG was created by me for two reasons in October of 2010 on Live Journal:
1. There were many suicides in October of 2010 from people being bullied until their breaking point because they were gay.
2. I'm a former victim of bullying myself, and I think it's time that bullying ends in our society.

You can join if you're a former victim, current victim, a former bully, a family member of someone that is bullied, a friend of someone that is bullied, or someone that's interested in the subject. You can read the rules on the info page, but one rule is absolutely vital to follow....DO NOT VICTIM BLAME. I don't want to see anyone blame anyone for being bullied at all. Bullying is a form of abuse, and it's high time it be treated like abuse. It's also time that society stop treating bullying like it's a normal part of life when it can have consequences for both bullied and bully in the long run. Not to mention, I'm sure it's not normal when someone considers suicide, homicide, both, or anything else that involves violence because they reached their breaking point of being bullied.


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